Gifts for sustainability lovers

With issues of the environment and sustainability becoming increasingly front-of-mind for people, this is an important consideration when you are buying gifts for clients, customers, employees, family or friends.

Here are the top 8 gifts for sustainability lovers:

1) Reusable straws
These have become trendy, but for good reason. One study estimated there are 8.3 billion straws littering the world.

2) Reusable cups and growlers
These are tried, test and true ways for people to reduce waste while they are on the go. If you are giving a corporate gift to eco-friendly customers and clients, you can brand the cup, mug or growler to promote your brand and associate it with sustainability.

3) Reusable cutlery
This is one more way you can help eco-friendly gift recipients to limit their carbon footprint. Single-use plastics make up nearly 90% of the plastic clogging the earth’s oceans. Plastic cutlery is a major culprit and reusable cutlery can help your gift recipient do their part to reduce waste.

4) Sustainable clothing
If your business tends to distribute branded clothing to customers, clients or employees, you can continue to do that with an eco-friendly twist by using clothes that are made from sustainable materials. There are even brands offering clothing made from recycling materials.

5) A seedling
The metaphor of planting a seed to describe the approach to cultivating business relationships could be taken to its literal extreme by giving seedlings as a gift, along with instructions on how to properly plant and care for their little tree.

6) A book on how to live a zero-waste life
This is an especially good gift if you know someone who is interested in living a more eco-friendly life, but isn’t quite sure where to start. There are many helpful books out there about how to live eco-friendly and zero-waste lifestyles that will help them launch a new and sustainable way of life.

7) Sustainable children’s toys and supplies
Parents are increasingly keen to know the toys and supplies they buy for their children are eco-friendly and sustainable. Whether it is toys made from sustainably harvested wood or reusable cloth diapers, there are many ways you could give a gift that will help their little one reduce their already-tiny (carbon) footprint.

8) An experience
If your gift recipient has a thorny relationship with material possessions they worry are doing harm to the planet, consider non-material options such as an experience. This could involve travel, camping or hiking, or it could be closely tied to the eco-friendly theme, such as a workshop or class on how to make environmentally friendly household products.