Going the Extra Mile with Custom Engraving

Have a special someone to buy for? Not quite sure what to get? Sometimes, all it takes is a little creative touch to transform a seemingly standard gift into something more personalized and impressive – like with custom engraving. Here are a few reasons to consider custom engraving the next time you’re presenting a gift.  

You Can Tailor It As You Wish

Gift giving has been a tradition that has been carried out for centuries. It’s a thoughtful gesture used to convey our appreciation and emotions, often when we simply can’t find the words to do so.  If you’ve ever received a gift that’s engraved, you know how meaningful and memorable it can be when you see the extra time and thought that went into it. Whether you choose to include the person’s name, initials, a symbolic date or even a special message, you can tailor the engraving in a variety of ways to impress whomever you’re gifting it to. 

Commemorate a Special Occasion

Milestone birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, graduation, newborn babies – all of these special occasions deserve to be commemorated and celebrated in an extraordinary way. Though there are many ways to do so, custom engraved gifts were created especially for this reason. During many of life’s milestone moments, regular gifts just seem to fall flat, whereas something specially crafted and personalized gives that moment the justice it deserves. It also offers your recipient something that they can fondly look back on years down the road to remember that moment. 

It’s Cost Effective

Offering a thoughtful and meaningful gift doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, the art of good gift giving has never been based on monetary value. Once again, it all comes down to the thought. Giving an engraved gift gives you the best of both worlds, by presenting something sentimental, appropriate and cost effective. A simple engraving can dramatically increase the value of any gift in the eyes of your recipient.

Increases Sentimental Value

A personalized gift also increases the sentimental value of a gift instantly which is why engravings are so memorable. It shows the person that a particular item was chosen with them in mind and was created solely for them. Giving something that was uniquely crafted for them conveys how much you care, and how much effort and time went into perfecting the item.

It Gives Them Something To Remember You By

Getting a pair of new socks, pajamas or a new fragrance isn’t exactly something to get excited about – or remember. These types of generic gifts automatically suggest that they were decided on a whim or given out of obligation rather than as a meaningful, caring gesture. It’s not often that someone takes the time to go above and beyond to select and present a gift, so when you do, you can guarantee it’ll be something that your recipient will cherish and remember years from now.  

If you want to give a meaningful gift to someone special, but don’t know how to present it in a way that will convey your sentiment, allow the team at Ekan Concepts to help. We specialize in creating personalized wooden packaging that’s elegantly and carefully designed for a wide range of gifts. Our hand-crafted wooden boxes can be tailored as you wish, with a special engraving included to add a personal touch when presenting a bottle of wine or whiskey, luxury soaps, chocolates, corporate gifts, gourmet food and much more to your recipient. To learn more about our packaging and how you can start customizing yours, browse our website or get in touch with us today.