Our Guide to Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is a smart and worthwhile tactic for any business that wants to succeed and stand out from its competitors. When done right, it can help to humanize your company, offer value to clients and employees, and convey your appreciation all while cultivating reliable revenue streams at the same time. In particular, customized gift boxes are one of the best ways to reflect the values of your business, present a variety of items in a creative way, and offer something personalized to make your company more memorable. If you’re wondering how best to go about this, here’s our guide to corporate gifting and how you can make your business flourish while showing your appreciation.

Create a Human Connection

In today’s saturated markets, it can be challenging for businesses to stand out from the crowd. Many often struggle to develop an emotional connection with clients which is crucial for establishing rapport and retaining business. One of the main reasons why corporate gifting is so widely practiced and valued is because it helps to establish that essential human connection that’s commonly neglected in the corporate world. Simple, meaningful gestures like gift-giving go a long way when it comes to humanizing your company. It sends a powerful message to both employees and clients, showing them that you care. Nurturing that connection should be the goal of every corporate gifting structure, no matter the industry.

Personalize Using Customized Packaging

If your gift doesn’t look and feel personalized, there’s not much point in giving it. Both clients and employees can tell whether there’s been thought put into a gift or if it’s been thrown together as a last-minute gesture. By simply customizing your packaging, you can add value and a personal touch to your gift in a cost-effective way. Whether you’re presenting a watch, liquor, chocolates or something special for the holidays, tailored packaging creates a positive, lasting impression that will make your business more memorable and well thought of. Consider engravings, custom logos, and even adding in a hand-written ‘thank you’ card for an extra thoughtful touch.

Add Curated Goodies That Recipients Will Use and Enjoy

To underscore your appreciation, go above and beyond the standard when deciding on what to include in the gift. Brainstorm ideas and make a list of items that are exclusive and will offer recipients something they will actually use, love and enjoy. And if you’re planning on presenting a bottle of wine or liquor to a client, make the effort to find out what they enjoy. If you’re stuck on what to include, consumable gifts, whether it’s luxe chocolates, gourmet snacks or beverages are always a favourite and reliable choice.

Don’t Skimp On Quality

If the value of something stretches beyond your budget, reduce the quantity of items, but never compromise on the quality. This is especially crucial when it comes to any prominent clients who have remained loyal to your business. 

Ekan Concepts Corporate Gift Boxes

To present a unique and curated package, we can provide a truly tailored and professional look that will create a glowing first impression with the first glance. At Ekan Concepts, our natural wooden veneer gift boxes give you the range and flexibility to create a polished presentation for any corporate gift. Choose the size, style and a variety of natural wood finishes for a stylish and luxury look. We can include custom engraved logos, names, or a message of gratitude and congratulations.

No matter what you choose to present, deliver it with confidence with our high quality personalized corporate gift boxes that are ideal for any occasion. Contact us today!