Top Five Ways to Make Holiday Gift-Giving a Breeze

Imagine this: The countdown to the holidays is on. You have your list of loved ones, friends, clients and colleagues to buy gifts for. But beside the list of names is a whole lot of blank space. How will you come up with unique, thoughtful ideas for every single person on your list?

That sounds very stressful. And it might be a feeling that is all too familiar. But it need not be. Here are five creative ways you can check off every name on your list without breaking a sweat. You will see the common theme across them all is wooden gift boxes. Having a bunch of boxes and then personalizing the themes of each gift is a great way to give a gift that will give a “wow” impression from the moment they lay eyes on the package.

1)  Local Goodies Box
The holidays can be a great way to showcase local products and services. Choose your box size and then fill it with local goodies. Your gift recipients will love it, and so will your local community!

2)  Fine Wine Box
The combination of a nice bottle of wine and an elegant wooden wine box make the perfect gift for your loved ones, neighbours, clients and customers. The wooden box not only makes for a great presentation, but also helps to protect its precious cargo.

3)  Memories Box
Homemade gifts really can be the best gifts of all. For a gift to your partner, children, parents, siblings or friends, why not give them a gift that will take them down memory lane? Fill the memories box with photos, stories, letters, mementos and other sentimental reminders of the moments you have shared with that person. A memories box will make an unforgettable gift.

4)  Pamper Box
No, we’re not talking diapers here. This is a box full of goodies that someone can use to pamper themselves. Think spa and personal care products, gift certificates to the local masseuse, warm slippers and a good book, and anything else “boxable” that will help them put their feet up and unwind.

5)  IOU Box
A small box (think of the sort used for recipe index cards) can be filled with promises and small gifts for your loved one on a birthday, holiday or anniversary. Give it to him and her, and have her pull one card each day or weekly for an extended period. Each card need not be filled with a massive gift. It is the small gestures that count and rest assured this box will be kept in a special place for years to come.

These are just a few ways you can use wooden gift boxes for Christmas gifts and all year-round. The well-known quote that “the presentation and packaging is everything” really is true.

Whether it is for your Christmas gift-giving, client appreciation, your business’s products or general gifts throughout the year, it’s a great idea to order a supply of wooden gift boxes to keep on-hand for creative, unique gifts that will wow your recipients for years to come. Do you have other ideas for how to use a wooden box as part of a gift? We’d love to hear them!