Wood Business Cards

Wood Business Cards

We have a wide range of custom designed natural wood business cards that are sure to get a second look from your contacts. We can help you design a new card, or we can give your existing template a fresh look by engraving it on paper-thin elegant natural wood.

Ekan has a wide range of other personal and business accessories that add a distinguished twist to everyday functions.

A well-designed business card can make the difference between a first impression that flops and one that forms the first step to success.

Take your odds of success one step further by designing your business card on custom veneer.

Your wood veneer business card will display your laser-engraved design on any one of our selection of veneer shades. Choose from white birch, red oak, cherry, black walnut, beech, maple and sapelle for a natural, character-filled look that will help you stand out from the crowd. As well, other species are available upon request.

Veneer offers a wonderful array of options. Using our quality veneer, combined with our laser-engraving technology, turns an otherwise mundane business card into a distinguished and stylish professional calling card.

Ekan Concepts Inc can print your existing business card on wood veneer, or we will work closely with you to custom-design a fresh look for your card.

Once you have put through your first order we will keep your design on file so you can easily re-order business cards, as well as edit your card’s look.

Take your business one step further by having your business card design customized on flexible veneer letterhead, product boxes and a wide range of other veneer products to give your work a unique and elegant branding.

We pride ourselves on innovation and leading-edge uses of new technologies to improve the functionality and look of veneer.

We look forward to working with you on your next idea, project or need. Contact Ekan Concepts Inc today to order your custom wood business card.

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