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Wooden Box

Rather than store your photographs in albums that rarely get used, or risk losing digital photographs if anything were to happen to your computer, consider a decorative wooden box that can safely store your treasured pictures.

Our elegant wooden box is the perfect accent to any part of the home or office, and serves as both a safe storage spot and a conversation piece for family, guests and colleagues.

Contact us today and let us help you design a box to hold memories.

Ekan Concepts Inc makes the finest product using high quality wood veneer, allowing you to determine the colour and design, or choose from any one of our popular models. Our wood is acid-free, to make sure the pictures inside will be preserved for years to come.

Choose from white birch, red oak, cherry, black walnut, beech, maple and sapelle for a natural, character-filled look that will help you stand out from the crowd. As well, other species are available upon request.

Your box can also come laser-engraved with a custom message or design, making for a great gift with a personalized touch.

In an age where life is becoming increasingly digital, there is a growing movement towards traditional, tangible methods for storing and displaying treasured, once-in-a-lifetime photographs that need to be preserved and deserve to be displayed.

Our wooden photo boxes are designed to impress, but also designed to be functional. Many customers not only use the boxes for their photographs, but also put them to use as jewellery cases, desktop organizers, closet organizers or near the front door for mitts, hats, scarves, keys and any other items that can otherwise be cluttered when not stored properly.

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