A Guide to Holiday Packaging for Your Business

With the holidays approaching, you may wonder how your business can contribute to the joyful spirit. It’s the season of giving for a reason, and it’s no secret that people spend more to treat themselves and their loved ones. A festive touch to your product wrapping can help you connect with your customers, bring in more revenue, and transform your brand. With that said, here is your ultimate guide to Christmas packaging for your company.

Benefits of Christmas Packaging

People often look for convenient gift options when the holiday season comes around. You can use festive packaging for your products to make the gift-giving process easier for your customers, allowing them to skip the wrapping. 

Additionally, eye-catching seasonal themes can increase visibility and revenue. The look of your boxes and bags may compel people to unwrap your products on social media, share their experiences with friends, or promote your company by word-of-mouth. Your creative designs may also curate brand affinity by leaving a memorable personal impression on customers.

Consider Your Budget

Before you execute your plan, it is crucial to understand your budget. Remember, prices will depend on the type of packaging and design complexity, so calculate how much is feasible to spend per unit. Once you have your figures worked out, this will help you narrow down your options.

Plan Ahead

Decide when the holiday season will commence for your rollout of seasonal products. With this benchmark in mind, try to plan in advance to avoid peak season delays and give time for:

  • Researching where you’ll get your packaging from
  • Back-and-forth design collaboration
  • Testing samples
  • Production and shipping
  • Wait times and unforeseen circumstances

Types of Packaging to Consider

Common options include printed bags and cardboard and wooden boxes. Consider factors like flexibility, durability, supply consistency, and sustainability when making your choice.

While the holidays can be a joyous time, it is also the season that produces record amounts of waste from packing elements like styrofoam, plastic, wrapping and ribbons. Adopting a sustainable holiday packaging strategy can reduce your environmental impact while developing connections with customers who prefer buying from eco-friendly brands. For example, the Christmas gift boxes at Ekan Concepts use FSC-certified materials and follow an environmentally-conscious production process.

Remember that the option you choose should also match your product’s quality and protect it from potential damage. Bottles of wine may look more sophisticated in wooden boxes than in gift bags and are likely to arrive in perfect condition.


The most important part of your plan is your design. Keep your brand identity in mind as you brainstorm concepts. In many cases, coordinating your seasonal look with your year-round designs is an excellent way to promote consistency across your company. If your usual appearance tends to be flashy, you can explore bold holiday themes. On the other hand, if your business is more minimalist, you can experiment with simple ideas that add festive flares.

While your Christmas packaging should speak to the character of your business, ensure that it also stands out. Try unique colour combinations aside from traditional green and red, like black and gold for sleekness or gold and navy for classiness.

You can go as big or as little as you desire. Incorporating small touches like holiday tissue or ornaments can go a long way. Additionally, sentimental handwritten or printed messages can inspire a connection with your customers.

Spread the Cheer

We at Ekan Concepts want to help your business spread the cheer and form lasting customer relationships into the year to come. Contact us to learn more about our sustainable wooden Christmas box packaging that you can customize to demonstrate who you are as a brand.