Luxury Soap Boxes

Luxury Soap Gift Boxes

One-stop gift shopping begins and ends with our luxury soap boxes.

As the luxury soap industry becomes increasingly competitive, getting your product to stand out from the crowd is more important than ever. If you want to present your soap line in the best light with packaging that will shine above the rest, our wood veneer packaging can do exactly that.

Having unique packaging is a crucial part of successfully marketing any product. Offering something that’s attractive and different is far more likely to capture the attention of potential customers and encourage them to purchase.

At Ekan Concepts, our luxury soap boxes are both practical and eye-catching, made from high-quality veneer and based on decades of experience with woodworking. From the design phase all the way until completion, our team will assist you in crafting the ideal packaging that represents your luxury soap line just as you envisioned. Each box can be laser engraved with your company name, contact information, and website.

With numerous options available, you can choose between a variety of types of wood, including white birch, red oak, cherry, black walnut, beech, maple or Sapele to embody the natural look and character, distinguishing your product line from the rest. Our flexible wood veneer packaging enables us to create all sorts of unique designs for a distinct and personalized look. And whether it’s veneer or our other wooden packaging options, all of our products are made from natural, premium wood materials. The wood that we use is also sourced from sustainable forestry practices and they are all FSC certified.

This means our packaging is not only durable and long-lasting, but it’s also better for the environment and can be reused over and over again to minimize waste. It’s the perfect way to present your soap line to those growing eco-conscious consumers who are looking for product lines that are championing sustainability too.

As a family-owned business, we incorporate quality into everything we do, which is why we’ve been producing, distributing, and expanding our products to customers all over the globe, including Fortune 500 companies.

If you want your product line to capture the eye of potential customers, the packing you use is crucial since it’s what they see first. Our natural, unique luxury soap gift boxes can present your soaps in a professional and polished way that’s right in line with your vision.

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Oval Flexible Wooden Box


Chest Flexible Lid Wooden Box


Portfolio Flexible Lid Wooden Box


Sliding Lid Wooden Box

Sliding Lid

Hinged Lid Wooden Box

Hinged Lid

Our line of soap boxes offers a memorable and unique alternative to traditional gift-giving. With our value-added gift boxes, you can market your soaps as the perfect gift for all occasions. Instead of a bottle of wine, your customers can bring this present as a housewarming gift, or thank-you to a dinner host. The box and soap inside make delightful additions to guest bathrooms for both their look and scent.

This product is also a great stocking stuffer or office gift, as well as perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and other social occasions.

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