Top Five Unique Promotional Items for Brands

These days, the way you promote and build your business can be become all about digital. Facebook ads, Google AdWords, blog articles, and active social media accounts are all dominant ways of building brand awareness that hardly existed not so long ago.

While each of those options are part of a successful digital marketing strategy, they don’t entirely replace the effect of someone holding your product or brand in their hands. That’s why promotional items remain an important, affordable, and effective tool for brands.

Look at it this way: A Facebook ad appears in someone’s newsfeed for but a moment. That person may click on the ad, or they may not. Either way, the window of opportunity for engaging with your brand comes and goes in a heartbeat.

Compare that to a strategically-chosen branded promotional item that someone receives, uses regularly, and is therefore reminded on a daily basis of your brand, your product, and your value-add.

That’s a tough user experience to replicate in the online world.

Any business – large or small – has to make smart decisions about how they use their marketing budget. The proliferation of digital marketing options opens new opportunities, but it also risks diluting that budget if it is spread too thin.

Here are five unique promotional items that may be well-suited to your brand. Call these what you will – promotional products, swag, giveaways – but no matter the name, they will help ensure your marketing budget is strategically divided between the real and digital worlds.

These items fulfill the broad criteria for a great branded promotional item: Affordable, widely-relevant, and a long shelf-life. Think of these as business cards that people can actually use and appreciate, instead of stuffing into a dusty drawer.

1. Mugs

Tried, tested, and true. Seven or more impressions with your brand to build trust and recognition. That is hard to accomplish through digital advertising. A mug that a potential customer or client will use every day will check that box in a week.

2. T-shirts

One survey in the United States found that 44 percent of people own a promotional shirt. You can’t argue against the benefit of distributing walking billboards. But your branded shirt must make a value proposition to people who might wear it. Does the shirt contain a message they support? Highlight an event they attended? People will want to actually wear the shirt. Otherwise, it will be on a fast-track to a thrift store clothes rack.

3. Seasonal gifts

Targeting audiences at an outdoor event? A branded fan, sunglasses or hat might be greatly-appreciated by attendees who appreciate that your brand helped them stay cool on a hot day. Likewise, in the winter a branded knitted cap, toque, gloves, or scarf might come to the rescue.

4. Products that are relevant to your brand

Is there a giveaway item that actually aligns with your product or service? For instance if your company sells sleep aid products, a branded sleep mask might not only be useful but also inform people about your product or service. If they use a sleep mask they might want to know what else you offer.

5. Branded box.

Your promotional item or gift can achieve a double impact if you also consider branded packaging.This opens up all kinds of opportunities for branded products. Brand the box with your logo, company name, and maybe website, and then put any item that you wish in the box. Perhaps golf balls, a wine opener, a bottle of wine, etc. This is also a flexible tool, as you can order the customized boxes and keep then on-hand so that any suitable gift or promotional item can be put into a box through the year and given to existing or potential customers or clients.