6 Things to Consider When Gift Giving

Gift giving is a symbolic gesture that shows someone our love, gratitude and helps us express a range of other emotions that we can’t easily put into words. But knowing how to choose the right gift to convey the right message isn’t always easy. Whether it’s for a loved one, a valued client, a co-worker or a member of your team, here are some important things to consider when giving a gift, both in business and in your personal life. 

Consider Their Interests

Before giving any gift, it’s a good idea to take some time to think about your recipient and what their unique interests include. Think about what they often talk about or what they engage in during their spare time, whether it’s collections, hobbies, sports, wine tasting or something else. Determine what your recipient will really appreciate and enjoy rather than basing it off of assumptions or giving something generic. 

Consider Their Age Bracket

Age can dramatically influence a person’s interests, which is why it’s another key factor to consider prior to offering a gift. Someone who’s in their 20s will likely appreciate something very different compared to someone who’s in their 50s. If you’re buying for your team and have a range of staff who span different ages, create groups based on similar age brackets before narrowing down appropriate ideas for individual gift options.    

Consider the Occasion

Depending on the occasion, certain items will be more appropriate than others. A gift presented for a wedding, baby shower, birthday or major milestone will, of course, vary quite a bit. But the occasion can help to narrow down your ideas so you can offer something to commemorate the moment aptly. If you’re stuck for ideas, you can look online for some inspiration to see what’s typically given for the occasion and how you can personalize it as needed. 

Consider the Value You Wish to Convey

Gifts don’t have to necessarily convey monetary value. The goal is to give something that the recipient will value because they will actually use or appreciate it. However, in certain situations, monetary value can also be necessary. For example, if you’re sending a thank you gift to a client for their consistent and loyal business over the years, then it might be appropriate to splurge on their favourite bottle of wine to show them how much you appreciate their dedication to your business. 

Consider the Thoughtfulness

A good gift is one that is thoughtful. It shows the person that you didn’t just pick up the first thing you looked at out of convenience or obligation. Your gift can also convey a sentimental message that you might not know how to put into words. Think about what kind of message you want your gift to convey once your recipient opens it. 

Consider Customization

One way to really showcase your affection or appreciation for someone is by customizing your gift. Even something as simple and elegant as a custom engraved package can be enough to show that you went above and beyond to make that person feel valued and respected. Remember, it’s often the little details that make all the difference. 

At Ekan Concepts, we make gift-giving easy with personalized wooden gift boxes that can add a personal touch to a variety of items, including wine, chocolates, corporate gifts, luxury soaps, and much more. No matter what the occasion is, our customized packaging will let you present your gift in an elegant and thoughtful way so you can leave a lasting impression with your recipient.