Five Perfect Gifts for All Corporate Occasions

Gift giving is one of the many ways you can show clients, employees, and stakeholders that you appreciate them. But it can be difficult to pinpoint the best gift without peeking through someone’s Amazon wishlist, especially since the sky’s the limit on what can be bought online and delivered to their front door. Ultimately, thoughtfulness is key. Gifts that interest and delight can come in many forms, from edible to decorative, portable to stationary. 

Celebrating a milestone, welcoming a new client or employee, or even just saying thank you with a gift can mean more than words. Check out the items on this list to help you narrow down your next corporate gift.

Food Focused

Edible gifts are an easy choice when it comes to corporate gift giving, since there is a wide range of culinary options to choose from. Whether recipients like simple flavours or have a gourmet appetite, it’s possible to source local delicacies. Provide dry ingredients like pasta and spices with a thoughtful recipe on how to put them together. Include freezing or reheating instructions for prepared food items. Edible options can also be customized based on clients’ dietary requirements, something they’ll appreciate you went the extra mile for.

Pampering Possibilities

Relaxing may be easy for some, but not for others. A pamper kit might be the ticket needed for those who find unwinding a little difficult. In addition to richly scented soaps and creams, cozy socks and massage balls are great unscented gifts. Consider including a mini portable speaker with recommendations for calming playlists, or curate a list of mediation videos for a soothing sensation throughout the day.

Get Ready to Grow

Gardening has seemingly limitless benefits and possibilities. While some may have an indoor garden of tropical plants or herbs for cooking, others may have ample outdoor space to develop a larger, seasonal garden. Air plants, seed paper cards, and plant starter kits all provide easy opportunities to reap the benefits. These include an elevated mood along with reduced stress and anxiety.

A Bottle of Celebration

Fine liquors are a tried and true gift-giving option. Whether they are saved for a special occasion or enjoyed at an upcoming event, their ability to bring people together and share in a memory transcends the bottle they come in. Pick a high-end brand with unique flavour notes, a limited edition bottle, or a cocktail kit with a tried and true liquor and mixed drink recipe. A card with the brand’s history can serve as a great conversation starter for when it’s opened.

For the Sweet Tooth

There’s something about chocolate that makes it a good mood food. Having a little treat handy can make any day better, making it one of the best gifts to give. Choose chocolates with different fillings so each bite is new and exciting. Include a variety of flavours including white, dark, and milk so the recipient can have the ultimate tasting experience. Also, why not bundle a recommended liquor pairing for each, or perhaps an easy recipe in case the recipient wants to take their taste buds to the next level?
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