Five Types of Wood We Use in Our Products

Wood is a material that features in nearly every aspect of our lives. We use it to build our homes, decorate interiors, perform renovations, build products and even make toys for our children. We at Ekan Concept use wood to create beautiful packaging, perfect for when presenting gifts on special occasions. We work with many different types of woods, each chosen for its high quality and natural beauty. Each type of wood is unique when it comes to their grain, hardness, and cost. Today, let’s explore each type in detail to help you navigate the kinds of wood we offer. 

Birch Plywood 

First, we have birch plywood, one of our most economical and affordable materials. At Ekan Concepts our birch plywood is FSC certified, meaning this wood that comes from forests that reach the highest standard of ethical production. It has tremendous strength compared to its weight and is resilient to deformation. Indoors, you will commonly see birth plywood in kitchens due to its flawless veneer layers, the appearance of straight grains with fine even textures, and splinter-free smooth surfaces. For our customers living in areas with constant rain, birch plywood can be treated to become waterproof. At Ekan Concepts, we have used .125 to .75 inch thickness when moulding our custom products. 

White Pine

As an alternative in terms of beauty and strength, white pine can be an ideal choice. This type of wood is incredibly lightweight with an even, straight-grained texture. The wood we harvest here at Ekan Concepts comes from well-managed, reforested Canadian farmlands. This wood FSC-certified wood, is moderate in strength, and can be used for doors and windows within the home as well as premium packaging. For anyone looking for a rugged look, this is an excellent pick. Bring back those cozy feelings during your next holiday season by choosing white pine as your packaging material for special gifts. 


Used in high-end products, cherry is a beautiful material that offers an exceptionally vibrant grain. This is a wood that is fair in density, featuring medium strength and shock resistance. You will see cherry wood in instruments, flooring, premium lounge furniture, and kitchen cabinets; however, it is not commonly used for exterior purposes. Initially, this wood features a rich golden/orange hue but will quickly change to a deep, rich reddish brown, even when not in direct sunlight.

White Oak

Searching for a way to upscale your packaging skills? Look no further. White oak is the way to go. Its weight and durability are perfect for anyone looking for products that will last for many years. This superior material is highly resistant to water, insect, and fungi. The white oak we use, along with all other woods we incorporate into our products, is collected from FSC-certified forests. Thanks to its straight grain and coarse texture, white oak can transform any item into an extravagant, rustic piece of work. 

Black Walnut 

Finally, we have walnut, among the most sought-after and beautiful options With magnificent wood grain and colour along with its immunity to decay, walnut will turn any product into a work of art. This type of wood is known to have straight and sometimes irregular gains and a subtle texture. To amplify the presence of a room, walnut can be used in furniture (most famously in the iconic Eames Lounge, manufactured by Herman Miller), small wooden objects, novelties and more. This species of wood is immune to shock and has incredible strength. It is a top-notch choice for our customers with delicate or rare gifts. Unfortunately, due to its high demand and decreasing supply, it has a slightly elevated price point, but it’s well worth it if you intend on purchasing a type of wood that doesn’t lose value and lasts for decades. 

At Ekan Concepts, our materials are chosen to help make a difference in the environment. We put effort into creating a better tomorrow by sourcing FSC-certified woods for our handcrafted products. With our eye for detail and the right style, we can make any occasion special for you and your gift recipients. Contact us today to learn more.