Food packaging without plastic

Plastic has for decades been the dominant food packaging material. But there is a growing movement towards more sustainable alternatives that are eco-friendly, but also practical and stylish.

One of the best eco-friendly food packaging solutions is also a familiar one: wood. Here are a few ways you can pack and store food using wood instead of plastic. Beyond their primary use, quality wood boxes can be repurposed to store food items in your pantry, reducing your dependence on plastic and other single-use packaging products.

1) Wood spice box:
Storing spices in a wooden spice box is a great way to keep them fresh and accessible. They also make a beautiful countertop display, helping to eliminate cluttered spice drawers and cupboards. Beyond personal use, a wooden spice box filled with your favorite spices makes for a wonderful and memorable gift. The box can have an assortment of spices, or it can be themed, such as spices for grilling meat, making a curry or for a favorite stew.

2) Cheese box:
A food basket makes for a thoughtful gift. But as you put thought into the array of fine foods you include in the gift, make sure to be just as thoughtful when it comes to the presentation. In short, say no to cellophane. Fine food deserves a fine box. For instance, if you are preparing an assortment of cheeses to give as gifts or to sell, do away with plastic and upgrade to a wooden cheese box that can do your gift justice.

3) Jams and preserves box:
A gift of jams and preserves brings to mind memories of a favorite homemade preserve -perhaps Grandma’s strawberry jam -that conjures a level of joy far beyond flavor. Assembling your jars in a beautiful wooden box will ensure your gift is memorable from the moment your loved one, family member, friend or colleague lays eyes on it.

No matter the type of wooden box you use in place of traditional food packaging, an added bonus is the ability to laser-engrave a name, message or company brand onto the wood. This can work wonders for a gift, but also for your own pantry, as you will never forget where to return the paprika if each slot in your spice box is engraved!