Four Benefits of Custom-Made Boxes for Your Business

As a business owner, you take the time to ensure each and every one of your products meets your high-quality standards. It only makes sense your packaging should reflect the same ideals. You likely know the struggle of working with cardboard boxes and plastic bags that don’t do your products justice and/or maybe even cheapen them. Custom-made boxes mean that your brand can feel confident about sending out your merchandise in something that better reflects the nature of what you are creating. They’re an added touch that your buyers will notice and appreciate. Continue reading to find out about the four benefits of this type of packaging. 

Consistent Brand Image

A great first impression will have a lasting effect on your customers. They have likely purchased from you because they are excited about the items you are making. Without quality packaging, they might think that you don’t care about your products as much as they thought, which could tarnish their perception of your business and maybe even your reputation. You want the unboxing experience to be memorable and fun, which is made possible with custom-made boxes. This packaging shows that you care just as much about the components on the outside and the inside. Customers will note your business’s eye for detail, something they will now know encompasses everything you do. This helps build trust, establishing that your brand considers the full scope of the buyer experience.

Additional Protection

Working with cheap and flimsy packaging, especially when you have a fragile product, can be any business owner’s nightmare. Even a little bit of jostling or a short drop could mean your items arrive broken or damaged, which might cost you more than just money, but customers as well. Custom-made wooden boxes are a great solution to this problem. The natural structure is durable and can be easily crafted into functional pieces with various fastening mechanisms to secure your products inside. They can be created in custom dimensions to reduce wiggle room, or account for the addition of as many or as few protective layers as needed. 

Environmentally Sustainable

As many businesses move towards a minimal or zero-waste ideology, there are likely some practices that can be easily converted to eco-conscious alternatives. For many, one of the easiest ways to do this is to modify the materials used in shipping. Creating an initiative that aligns with customers’ concerns when it comes to sustainability will not only impress them but may also draw new ones to your business. At Ekan Concepts, each of our handcrafted boxes is made from FSC-certified materials, meaning you can feel good about where they came from and so can your customers. Each piece can easily be reused for a different purpose or recycled as needed.

One-of-a-Kind Options

Basic packaging is just that — basic. It usually does nothing to elevate your brand and may even diminish the perception of your beautiful products. With custom packaging, you can have a look that best reflects the products inside. We offer five different types of wood, for instance: birch, white pine, cherry, white oak, and black walnut. Each has its own unique colouring and graining that often make them works of art in their own right. If you want to take it a step further, we can engrave your logo into each box for a clean and uniquely branded look.

At Ekan Concepts, we have been handcrafting custom-made boxes for businesses for more than 25 years. We are passionate about providing all kinds of brands with quality solutions when it comes to their packaging. As the first thing that many customers will see before they unwrap your products, we can help take your packaging to the next level. Contact us to learn more.