Four Ways a Luxury Soap Box Could Bring Value to Your Business

Soapmaking is as much an art form as it is a labour of love. Selecting the finest aromas and nourishing ingredients to craft recipes that will soothe the skin and souls of your customers is no easy feat. Your soaps say everything about your business, but what about the packaging they come in? Many companies want their unique products to be presented in a way that shows customers their commitment to quality in everything that they do. Luxury soap boxes are a great way to put your brand above the rest by impressing your customers with your attention to detail and with a beautiful and functional package inside and out.

Built-In Protection

Many things can happen to a package when sending it from point A to B. Soap products are delicate, often coming in many different forms, from liquids to solids. You want all of your handcrafted items to be perfect when they arrive, which can be difficult with subpar packaging. A durable material like wood veneer can safeguard your products from even the harshest drops or jostles, protecting them in unforeseen circumstances. This built-in protection ensures your products arrive at their destination just as you intended them to. 

Makes a Great First Impression

A first-time customer has little idea of what to expect when your products turn up at their door. Packaging will be the first thing they see before uncovering what’s in the box. You want the whole experience to make a lasting impression, which a luxury soap box will certainly have. In addition to what they purchased, a high-quality box can seem like an added gift, something they can repeatedly use, always reminding them of your products. They won’t soon forget packaging that arrives at their door that doesn’t look like everything else and are likely to tell their friends and family about it.

Committing to Sustainability

As a business owner, you are likely concerned about the far-reaching impacts your products have on the environment as well as the type of packaging you use. Choosing a sustainable material like wood for your custom soap boxes reaffirms your mission and values of being an environmentally conscious company. Sourcing from a supplier that uses FSC certified wood or compostable pieces furthers that commitment and allows your customers to see that you walk the talk when it comes to sustainability. In addition, this is a box that they can use for years to come and promotes a circular economy.

Practical Design

Many brands are fed up with the standard boxes that most goods come in and are opting to create their own so they can use less packaging. With custom soap boxes, you can choose the dimensions that fit your products perfectly. You can alter measurements as you see fit to ensure the design is practical and accounts for any additional items, such as stickers or free samples, you may want to include. This reduces the need for additional packaging like plastic wrap or dividers since you use the space inside to its full potential.

At Ekan Concepts Inc., we love supporting businesses through our innovative and handmade packaging options. Our specially designed luxury soap boxes are made from a wood veneer that is sustainable, customizable, and has a beautiful look that is sure to impress your customers. We are dedicated to working with each of our clients individually to find solutions that work for them. If you want to learn more about how we can help your brand with soap packaging boxes, please contact us!