Gift ideas for clients

Budget-conscious business owners may at first find it illogical to spend money on client gifts. But once you begin seeing client gifts as a long-term investment instead of an upfront cost, the benefits make client gifts a no-brainer for anyone focused on growing and sustaining their business.A successful client gift strategy, however, requires unique, memorable gift ideas. Something they already have or will never use risks creating the exact opposite of your intended effect.

The difference between a good gift and a great gift for your existing and prospective clients is the difference between your client having a one-time (positive) reaction when the gift is received, versus your client using and appreciating the gift for weeks, months and beyond – and keeping you front-of-mind for just as long.

When you are looking for client gifts that will help them remember you over time, gift ideas often fall into two broad categories:

  • Significant gifts that generate a “wow” factor;
  • Practical, multiple-use gifts that keep you front-of-mind because clients build the gift into their everyday routine.

Determining which type of client gift you should give is a personal choice based on your corporate gift-giving philosophy and budget, as well as the length of your client list. If you’re unsure, start with the second category, as it often generates the best return on a modest, scalable investment.

Here are a few client gift ideas for each category that can help make sure the gift you give is as first-class as the service your business provides.

“Wow” factor client gift ideas

1) Latest technology

If you know your client is a tech-lover and you want to spend a few hundred dollars, there are lots of great gift ideas, from wireless headphones, to smart-home devices and beyond. Be careful with this one, though. You don’t want to give an expensive gift they already have or don’t need. So this type of gift isn’t one to necessarily give to all your clients, but rather uniquely to specific clients. If, for instance, you know a client does a lot of business travel, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones with a thoughtful message can go a long way to showing them you care.

2) Gift basket

A “wow” gift basket does not come cheap, which is why it belongs in this category. There are lots of online and local companies that allow you to customize gift baskets, personalize messages and arrange for delivery.

3) Tickets to a special event

If you know a client loves a certain band, speaker or other special live event, a pair of tickets can help create a special memory they’ll appreciate for years. Keep in mind, though, that tickets for an event on a specific date can be difficult to impose on a busy schedule. Consider how you may get some intelligence, whether from an executive assistant, colleague or friend of your client, to ensure ahead-of-time that the tickets can be enjoyed.

4) High-quality pen

A beautiful pen in a unique box is primed to be displayed in your client’s office and used every day. There are many companies that produce beautiful pens that will allow you to choose a specific species of wood from a specific region that may carry meaning for your client. For the right person, your gift will give them something they’ve long-coveted but never been able to justify splurging on themselves.

Everydayuse client gift ideas

1) Wooden wine opener and stopper

There are a few reasons why you may think twice about giving your clients a nice bottle of wine or scotch as a gift. But giving a nice, hand-crafted accessory is a thoughtful and unique alternative. For instance, a beautiful wooden box containing a wooden wine opener and bottle stopper can be a memorable gift for a client you know enjoys a nice bottle of wine. The added advantage of a gift like this is you can engrave the box with a personal message and your company name.

2) Coffee and/or tea

Coffee and tea are everywhere in our lives, which makes this a great, practical gift, especially if there is meaning behind it. Is it made by a local company? Something you tried and loved on a trip? Be sure to know that your client is a coffee or tea fan. Giving coffee to a client who avoids caffeine doesn’t exactly scream that you have invested time and energy into getting to know them.

3) High-quality notebook

Even in a digital age, most everyone does a lot of notetaking. Give your client a high-quality leather notebook that they will put to use immediately. Bonus? It’s a gift that will remind your client of you every day, without it being something that has your logo splashed all over it.

4) Wireless phone charger

You would be hard-pressed to find something people use more than their smartphones. Keeping these tools charged can be front-of-mind for busy and on-the-move clients. Everyone with smartphones has two things in common: they all have corded phone chargers and they’ve all, at one time or another, misplaced their charger. A charging pad or station for their office desk can help ensure clients are grateful every time you help them start each day at a 100% charge.

No matter whether you are buying your clients a “wow” gift or a more modest gift they’ll enjoy every day, consider how you will present it. Odds are good you are not the only one giving them a gift. An impressive presentation will help your gift stand-out even before they open it. For instance, a custom wooden box brings with it a “wow” factor all of its own and also provides you the option to brand it with your company’s logo and a unique message