How Ekan Concepts Can Fulfill All Your Luxury Packaging Needs 

Finding the right gift is a task that can quickly become overwhelming. What’s more, it’s not over after purchasing the perfect present, as the packaging then becomes an important focus. You may go to multiple stores and see many pre-designed gift boxes made from materials such as plastic or paper, but that’s probably not good enough. 

Luckily, we at Ekan Concepts have an ideal solution: custom luxury packaging! This is an effortless way to eliminate unwanted worry and ensure an extra-special gift-giving experience. Below are four reasons why our custom luxury boxes will surely fulfill your packaging needs. 

Personalized Packaging 

When it comes to gift-giving, personalized packaging is an easy way to show someone that you cherish them. Designing a box that can speak to a loved one at a personal level can help to make their day. Ekan Concepts is a simple solution when you are looking for custom, high-quality gift boxes. 

In choosing wood as our material when creating their products, every handcrafted box is assembled to standards that will reflect the quality of your gift. Alongside our wood selection, from oak to cherry, you can include custom engravings to reflect the occasion.

Quality Over Anything

The truth is, the packaging of a product or gift is the first thing we judge upon seeing it. When an item arrives at our door, we tend to notice its size and condition. Though it may seem insignificant, quality can leave a lasting impression and is an essential factor to consider when planning for a gift. When the quality of any package is perceived to be high, anyone receiving the box will immediately assume what is inside is also the same. This is why Ekan Concepts puts quality over everything. We understand that our customers are looking for beautiful packaging that is not susceptible to wear and tear. 


Do you know what is better than giving a lavishly packaged gift? It’s knowing that your purchase is helping the environment. Ekan Concepts is proud to say that they are making conscious efforts to improve our world. The wood we use in our products is from FSC-certified sources, reducing our impact on the environment, and a tree is planted with every purchase. If you are passionate about positive environmental impact, then it’s a great feeling in knowing that the items you purchase are from an organization whose values align with yours, all while striving to offer products that bring joy into people’s lives. 

Durability and Security First 

Having fragile or expensive gifts requires packaging that is secure and protective. There is nothing more heartbreaking than having your special delivery arrive at its destination damaged. By understanding that gifts may need to travel long distances, Ekan Concepts tries to ensure the products we make reach our high standards. The custom boxes we produce can be crafted to match the dimensions of the objects being stored within. Furthermore, the packaging can include fastening mechanisms and layers for extra security. 

We are proud to say that we have been creating handmade custom gift boxes for over 25 years. We are passionate about providing the ideal packaging solution, no matter the occasion. Let us help make the day of your next gift-giving occasion evenmore special for your loved ones. Contact us to learn more.