The importance of eco-friendly packaging for businesses

Gone are the days when eco-conscious customers were a small, niche market. Today, “green” customers are mainstream customers you need to be thinking about with every decision you make for your business.

Your business can “walk the talk” of being environmentally friendly by using eco-friendly packaging for your products. There are many reasons for going green, including

1) First impressions are everything.

These days, an eco-friendly first impression is undoubtedly a good first impression given how many consumers want to be reassured their purchasing decisions are not harming the environment. Adopting eco-friendly packaging, and communicating that decision, will make a great first impression and help to cultivate loyal, enthusiastic return customers.

2) Reduce your company’s carbon footprint.
Using eco-friendly packaging helps to reduce your company’s impact on the environment, which is an objective for many businesses. Eco-friendly packaging is easier to dispose of, often lighter, and in some cases (such as wooden boxes) also reusable.

3) It can save you money.
The concept of eco-friendly packaging goes beyond just the material used in the packaging. It includes using only the amount of packaging necessary to ship your product while providing it with adequate protection. This means doing away with bulky, one-size-fits-all packaging that may be used to be the easy way to approach packaging, but is also likely more expensive.

Purpose-built, eco-friendly packaging can help cultivate customer loyalty, reduce your company’s carbon footprint and reduce shipping costs.