Limiting Our Carbon Footprint with WaterAid

We’re in the midst of an environmental crisis, and if we want to create a better future for us and our kids, we need to step up and take action. At Ekan Concepts, we’ve made it a priority to do what we can to incorporate sustainable initiatives throughout our business to protect the environment, support organizations making a positive impact, and give back. 

Supporting Organizations Making a Difference

It’s no secret that water is essential for survival. But at least 2 billion people or 1 in 3 globally don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. And more than half the world doesn’t have access to safe sanitation services either. As a fundamental necessity that we so often take for granted here in Canada, we’ve partnered with the WaterAid organization to give back, help protect clean water sources and lower our carbon footprint at the same time.

Helping Vulnerable Communities

This global non-profit has been helping the most impoverished and marginalized communities around the world get access to clean water, reliable toilets and good hygiene services since 1981. Together, with the help and collaboration of local partners, they’re on the ground in over 30 countries delivering and setting up sustainable water, sanitization and hygiene projects. By working on the local level and with key decision-makers in all levels of government, both internationally and throughout the US, they’ve provided vital water and sanitation services to over 24 million people. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Lowering Our Carbon Footprint

Climate change, resource depletion and the added challenge of COVID-19 are escalating the limited availability of clean water and energy that is needed to move, supply, treat and heat water. The carbon footprint of water use is also expected to continue to grow as a result. With many stressors and adverse effects expected to impact freshwater resources, it means dependable water will become less reliable in the future. With the global population and water demand growing, it will continue to tap out local supplies, requiring alternative sources that have a higher energy and carbon cost. 

Setting a Positive Example

As a business, we are constantly doing what we can to help reduce our carbon footprint. We feel obliged to help transform the way we view and treat the environment while setting an example for others to follow suit. That’s why we’ve been an eco-conscious business for the past 20 years. Our goal is to become as sustainable as we can be by ensuring that our products and practices don’t escalate the problems that we’re facing, while working towards positive and impactful solutions at the same time. We proudly support these important organizations that are striving to steer us in a better, safer and cleaner direction.

In addition to our collaboration with WaterAid, we’re committed to using only natural and sustainable resources when it comes to developing our packaging. To achieve this, all of our wooden boxes are FSC certified which guarantees that the wood used for our packaging is harvested from forests that are responsibly managed and meet the Forest Stewardship Council requirements. We’ve also teamed up with Trees For The Future, where one tree gets planted for every wine box that we sell. 

When you’re looking for elegant, natural and sustainable packing that you can feel proud to present to clients, colleagues, friends or family, Ekan Concepts has you covered. Browse our selection to find a wide array of stunning, unique designs that can be customized as you wish.