What to put in a wine gift box?

A nice bottle of wine has long been a classic gift for special occasions, holidays, and expressions of gratitude. But why not go a step further than a bottle and instead give a thoughtful wine gift box?

Wine gift boxes offer you the opportunity to customize your gift around a theme, your recipient’s personal tastes and your budget.

There are a few elements that go into the perfect wine gift boxes.

1) The box
The gifts will most likely be consumable items that are (thoroughly) enjoyed once. By putting a little thought into the wooden box you choose, you may give someone a gift that keeps on giving. Long after the contents have been enjoyed, your gift recipient will be able to put the box to use again and again in their home or office. A wicker or picnic basket is a classic selection. You may also go with a beautiful wooden box.

2) The wine
The wine you choose need not be fancy or expensive. But it should be influenced by your basket’s theme. If you are preparing a picnic-themed basket, select a crisp white wine or light red. If it is more of a cheese and crackers happy hour theme, a red would be better-suited. And of course if you know what your basket recipient’s favourite wine is, well then your decision is already made now isn’t it?

3) Accessories
Select a theme based on the occasion, your recipient, the time of year and your budget. The accessories could be wine-based and include an opener, and a couple of glasses. Or it could include pairings to go with the wine, such as cheese, dried meats and fruits, nuts, crackers and other fixings for a delicious happy hour spread. Keep it simple, and to keep your budget in check, choose a feature item surrounded with modest, thoughtful touches rather than knocking it out of the park on every item.

4) Presentation
There are lots of ways you can package your wine gift basket. A wicker basket wrapped in cellophane is tried, tested and true and puts your basket’s contents on display. The beauty of a wine gift box to package up your present is that the box is durable, beautiful and reusable. What’s better than a wine gift basket in a box? How about one that is also zero-waste!