Unique Ideas for Wine Bottle Storage

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just want to add some creativity to your space, using wine as your muse is an excellent way to add some character to any interior. Aside from keeping your wine collection neat and safely stored, it can transform a dull wall into an artistic display that looks elegant and eye-catching. Here are some unique ideas for wine bottle storage to get you inspired. 

French Riddling Racks

If you want to turn your wine collection into an artistic showpiece, French riddling racks are an excellent and popular way to do that. Riddling racks were used back in the 19th century during the Champagne-making process in France. Today, these big plank boards with holes placed throughout are ideal for displaying your favourite bottles. You can use a single rack or combine them together on a wall to create a larger focal feature.

Creative Wine Cubby Holes

Got some unused wall space in your kitchen? If so, you could use it to insert cubby holes to store your wine bottles. You can customize it to your size preference, but for a truly eye-catching display, we recommend going for a floor-to-ceiling style. These are subtle, unique and captivating all at the same time. DIY cubbies are creative wine storage solutions that can be placed wherever you have dead, awkward space in your home, like above or beside the fridge.

Heirloom Furniture

Consider modernizing it to suit your storage needs if you have an old, outdated buffet or dresser that you don’t know what to do with. You could make good use of that old buffet by keeping one side intact with the drawers and then use the other side to store your wine. All you need to do is insert some wine bottle cubby holes and finish it off with a wooden stain that matches. By updating it just a tad, you can transform it into something you’ll love and appreciate it while using for more than one purpose.

Bee Hive Holders

When it comes to contemporary wine rack storage solutions for smaller interiors, beehive holders are a big hit. These are simple, minimalistic, compact, and really cute to place on any surface to show off your collection. They’re also versatile and can be repositioned in multiple ways to adjust the size and layout that you prefer.

Horizontal Storage

Horizontal wine storage is easy, attractive and makes for a fun DIY project on a rainy weekend. All you need to do is choose a wooden plank board that you love, add a stain to it and create a grid to hold the bottles in place. There are many online tutorials that walk you through this step by step. Just make sure you use thicker, heavy-duty pegs to support the bottles. Black iron-style ones are a popular choice since they tend to look discreet and give the illusion that the wine bottles are floating. 

Triangular Shelving Unit

Modern, triangular shelving units are typically used to store and display stacks of firewood. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can make use of the V-shaped compartment to stash your wine bottles instead. It’s a unique way to add some colour from the different wine bottle caps while also bearing a resemblance to the traditional, rustic firewood storage style.

At Ekan Concepts, we specialize in creating customized, high-quality wooden wine boxes that are made from quality wood. Whether you’re presenting a gift to someone or want to store your prized bottles in something unique, we can create elegant, sophisticated packaging based on your individual needs. Browse our website to learn more or get in touch with us.