Unique Ideas for Wine Bottle Storage

Here is a scenario to which you can surely relate: You come home with yet another bottle of exceedingly expensive wine to add to your burgeoning collection. You go downstairs to add it to your heritage, cobblestone wine cellar only to discover – horror of horrors – that your wine cellar is full! Where will you possibly store your latest vintage wine purchase?

Well, ok, reality check time. For most of us, our basements are more likely to be home to “whine” (about those dusty old boxes that have to be moved) than wine.

But just because the average person doesn’t live in a castle with a wine cellar doesn’t mean we can’t use creative wine storage solutions to store and display some of our favourite bottles.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you to take your wine bottle storage techniques up a notch.

The ideal wine storage solution will be different for each individual’s taste and home. So keep in mind both the creative flair and practical space elements when you are reviewing options. You put a lot of thought into buying your favourite wines – why not put a bit of thought into how you store and display them too?

1) K. Adams Ash Modular Wine Rack

Pros: Subtle and simple, you’ll likely stumble across this rack if you spend any time researching wine storage ideas online. Among its popular attributes are that it is affordable, sturdy, and modular. So for the aspiring wine collector you can start with a rack for a dozen bottles and then add rack kits to eventually hold up to 200 bottles!

Cons: The plain wood look will appeal to some, and not to others. Assembly is straight-forward but takes some time, so pour yourself a glass of patience when you start to put this rack together.

2) HOMCOM Wood Wine Rack

Pros: This rack supports function over form. Featuring this rack in your living room probably won’t get your apartment featured on Apartment Therapy’s website. But if you’re looking for a practical way to store up to 72 wine bottles in your basement or a storage room, this rack will do the trick nicely.

Cons: You may prefer something more stylish. And you’ll have to make sure that your space is well-suited to such a large rack. So if you’re looking for an eye-catching way to store a few bottles in your kitchen or dining room, you may wish to shop around for other options.

3) True Fabrications Wall Mount Wine Rack

Pros: This is a great rack for storing your wine in a main area of your home, like the kitchen or dining room. Another advantage is the wall mount feature if you have limited floor space for a creative wine storage solution.

Cons: This rack holds up to nine bottles, so consider other options if your collection is in the double digits. Also, ask yourself whether you want to draw attention to your collection. Putting your wine collection on a wall mount wine rack is the wine collectors’ equivalent of dancing in your living room with the window curtains open –feel free to do it, but don’t be surprised when the neighbours stop and take a look.

4) Globe Wine Bar

Pros: Who hasn’t at one point dreamed of having a globe bar in their home? Perhaps situated beside a classy chair, surrounded by leather-bound books. Well here is your opportunity to fulfill that dream, especially if you are only looking to store a bottle or two and maybe a combination of wine and other types of liquor.

Cons: This wine storage idea doesn’t rate high on the “practical” scale, nor on the “quantity” scale. If you have a larger collection, this won’t do. You’ll also want to consider other options if you want to put your bottles on display.

5) Playful Elephant Decorative Wine Bottle Holder

Pros: An elephant holding a bottle of wine. Who needs more positive attributes than that?

Cons: Unless you want to purchase a herd of elephant wine bottle holders, you may want to look at other options if your wine bottle collection numbers more than one.