What to Put in a Luxury Food Box?

Food is always the perfect gift, no matter the occasion. It can express your love and appreciation or just about any sentiment you wish to convey to someone. If you’re thinking about making one, here are 10 must-have items you need to put in your luxury food box

Luxurious Chocolates

 Looking to impress? Add a small batch of chocolates into your luxury food box. Godiva makes some of the most luxurious chocolate collections, but there are also a number of local chocolatiers right here in Ontario that make the most divine chocolate bars, chocolate-covered nuts, bonbons, and pretzels. Don’t forget to add in some truffles!

Biscotti and Shortbreads

Sweet treats like biscotti and shortbreads are another staple that won’t go unappreciated. You can’t beat Mary Macleod’s world-famous all-butter shortbread cookies, but just about any of these popular treats will make great additions to your gift box, guaranteed.


Traditional gourmet peanut brittle is always a hit, but did you know there are other sweet and savoury brittle options out there? For something very unique, consider adding some espresso, cashew, macadamia nut, brownie, or salted caramel brittle too. They are as mouth-watering as they sound and will surprise any of your recipients.  

Artisan Cheese and Crackers

A selection of artisan cheese and crackers is the perfect choice for anyone you wish to really impress. Assemble a variety of different types to create a gourmet cheese tasting.  

Aged Balsamic

If your recipient loves to cook and really appreciates delicate flavours, include a quality bottle of aged balsamic from Italy. An aged bottle yields an intense sweetness that creates a smooth finish, making it an ideal topping for many savoury dishes.

Nuts and Popcorn

You can never go wrong with an assortment of nuts. Some popular options to include are pistachios, almonds, roasted nuts, and caramel popcorn, to name a few. There are also interesting flavour combinations available these days that go beyond the standard offerings.

Gourmet Condiments

Adding artisan crafted pasta sauces, savoury spreads, infused oils, sweet chutneys, and hot sauces to your luxury food box can add that special, unique touch to your gift box. It’s also a great way to support local businesses in your area.

Bottles of Wine

There’s no better combination in the world than wine and cheese. Full-bodied red wine also pairs well with chocolate and nuts, making it the perfect addition to any luxury food box. Including a bottle of their favourite wine with any of these will be a winning combination, guaranteed. 

Assorted Teas

You can also create a premium tea selection that contains everything for a delightful high tea experience. Mix sample packets of freshly blended teas in herbal, black, green, caffeine- free varieties or add full tins of their favourites. They’ll go well with those biscotti and shortbread cookies too.


When putting together a themed luxury food box for a friend or colleague who loves to get creative in the kitchen, don’t forget to add in a cookbook. You could also swap it for a cocktail book so they can learn how to create all their favourite beverages right at home.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable and sophisticated package to create your luxury food box, we have you covered at Ekan Concepts. We craft wooden boxes designed for this exact purpose. You can customize it to your exact needs and even engrave it with a brand or special sentiment. Browse through our site or contact us to learn more.