Which Country has the Best Chocolate in the World?

Chocolate is arguably one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whether you enjoy the richness of dark chocolate, the sweetness of milk chocolate or bold and unique artisanal flavours, there are so many unique kinds to indulge in. This is why it makes an ideal gift, no matter the season or sentiment. If you’re on the hunt for some sumptuous chocolate and are wondering which country has the best chocolate in the world, we break down the most revered nations known for their sweet treats below.


When you hear the word chocolate, Belgium is by far the one place that typically comes to mind – and for a good reason. With more than 2,000 shops dedicated to chocolate throughout the country, it’s a definite star in the chocolatier world. But what makes it so special? The secret is all in the production process. Aside from it being made mostly by hand, Belgium chocolate also has a more pronounced burst of chocolate flavour because it’s given plenty of time to cool down during production. 


Switzerland is of course, another region akin to chocolate making. You’ve likely heard of Lindt chocolate, which is among the most recognized chocolate brands. Swiss chocolate usually has a softer, smoother texture to it and contains more milk and sugar. Together, it delivers that epic, melt-in-your-mouth experience.


Ecuador used to be known for growing and exporting cocoa. But in recent years, they decided to get in on the industry by producing their own version of chocolate. And it’s been a hit! Having the best cocoa beans in the world gave them a great head start. Today, they’re recognized by the Fine Aroma label and have even won awards, competing alongside the best European chocolate masters.

United Kingdom

You can’t walk down a street in the UK without seeing the infamous purple Cadbury logo. It contains more milk than most other brands, which makes it super creamy and delicious, especially when paired with a cup of tea. The Cadbury brothers first made their mark when Queen Victoria became a fan back in the 1800s.

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast is another central region where cocoa beans are produced and exported. Similar to Ecuador, they weren’t known for making chocolate. But that all changed back in 2015 with the launch of Instant Chocolat, which surged in popularity. It became almost an overnight sensation, supplying chocolate for big names like Citibank and Air France. As more artisanal chocolatiers emerge, we’re expecting even greater chocolaty products from the Ivory Coast.


Although pasta, wine and tiramisu are among the main staples associated with Italy, this country knows how to master flavours in all forms, including chocolate. Amadei is the most prominent brand in the country. They pay close attention to where they source their beans from, who their farmers are and how they grow and harvest the beans. All of this culminates in exceptionally high-quality chocolates, which is something Italians are already renowned for when it comes to their most infamous cuisine. 

United States

It might surprise you to learn that the United States produces the most amount of chocolate anywhere. But what makes it delicious and unique is the two ingredients that are frequently used – peanuts and almonds. We see this mainly incorporated in the Hershey brand. But beyond the big brands, there are lots of other independent artisanal chocolatiers popping now, which makes us excited to see what’s in store for the future.

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